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About us


myAppsOnline provides consulting services and IT solutions tailored to the needs of its clients, in terms of quality and price. The company honours the commitment and creativity of all its employees, providing a motivating, family-friendly and rewarding work environment. Through its success in satisfying its clients, it aims to generate excellent profits for its clients, partners and associates.


myAppsOnline acts as the single point of contact for all its clients' technological needs throughout the entire project lifecycle. myAppsOnline experience in Management and Quality guarantees the client that all IT Services and Solutions will be aligned with their Business Strategy.

Realizing that no supplier company can aspire to do everything with its own resources, myAppsOnline uses its partners to shape and complement its Services and Solutions offer. Clients can thus concentrate all their efforts on their Core Business activities, leaving the technical details and problems to myAppsOnline. They never have to worry about integrating solutions from different suppliers, avoiding conflicting relationships that sometimes divert their attention from their business objectives, with added and "unexpected" costs.

This results in a long-lasting relationship between clients and myAppsOnline, which is advantageous for both parties, with the guarantee that no artificial dependency will be created between the client and myAppsOnline.

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